Pre-cautions before you start.

1. Do not install your vinyl decal in direct sunlight. It is recommended you install your vinyl decal in a garage or building. 2. Room and installation surface temperature is recommended to be between 10°C (50°F) and 20°C (68°F) to reduce stretching or other un-desired effects. 3. This method is not recommended for interior installs (on walls for example).  Please use your judgement when considering the wet installation method. 3. Do not store your vinyl decal in direct sunlight.

Materials Needed

- Installation squeegee (obtainable in most hardware stores) - Application Fluid in Spray Bottle (Mixture of 500mL (1/2 quart) of water, 250mL (1/4 quart) of 99% rubbing alcohol and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap) - Glass cleaner (non AMMONIA BASED) - Paper towel - Measuring tape or ruler.


Remove all dirt, grease and/or wax from the surface you will be applying the decal to before you install your vinyl decal. This includes wax from car washes, turtle wax, rain-x, compound, etc. Your new vinyl decal will NOT adhere properly if you do not have a clean installation surface.

Caution! Do not use ammonia based cleaner. It will out gas for a couple of weeks and create bubbles under your vinyl decal.


Inspect your new vinyl decal for any shipping damages. Any damage incurred during shipping must be reported to us within two business days. Using a squeegee on a table, press firmly over the whole decal assuring the pre-mask is properly stuck to the vinyl decal. Once finished, flip the decal over (pre-mask down) and slowly peel off the “liner” exposing the decals adhesive side.


Use application fluid to generously spray the surface area where your decal will be installed on. Make sure the surface area is completely sprayed down. Then generously spray application fluid onto the adhesive side of the decal.


Place the decal (adhesive side down) on to the surface. While the decal is wet, you can measure and re-adjust the decal without damaging it. Once in place, go over the decal with the squeegee with firm strokes pushing the application fluid out and assuring the decal is adhering to the surface. Repeat this a few times until you remove most of the application fluid between the decal and the surface. Try not to move the decal during this step


Depending on the temperature, wait between 30 minutes to an hour or more allowing the decal to dry and adhere securely to the surface.


Once the decal is dry, start peeling off the “pre-mask” from the decal and surface. If the decal starts to peel off with the “pre-mask”, re-apply decal with squeegee (Step 2), and wait about 30 minutes before attempting to remove the “pre-mask” again.

Final Check

Now that the “pre-mask” is removed, do a visual check assuring all the vinyl decal is adhered to the surface. More than likely you will see small air or water bubbles. You can make a small incision into the vinyl with a razor and use your squeegee to push the air or water out. Most air or water bubbles will disappear in a few weeks. Allow a few days in the hot sun to allow the decal to completely cure before washing or waxing. Your new vinyl decal is now installed! Please note if you live in a cold climate, be very careful when using an ice scraper as it can peel the vinyl if applied to a vehicle window for example.